The Port at Cozumel, Mexico

Our Carnival Conquest excursions, Part III – Cozumel, Mexico For our day in Cozumel we did the Xcaret excursion. It was awesome!!! By far my favorite. We were a little worried when we went to the excursion room on the ship and we were the only ones going to Xcaret. It turned out perfect. We had our own personal tour guide. He offered to stay with us all day and we took him up on it. He made sure we saw the most important things and he was knowledgable about everything. We learned so much. They had replicas of Mayan Ruins, Mexican Folk Art, tons of history, places to shop. I can’t even begin to list everything on here. First we had to take a ferry ride over to Playa del Carmen. If you don’t handle boats well, you may want to skip this excursion. That was one fast and bumpy ferry. It didn’t bother me at all, but some looked a little green. This was our wonderful tour guide. Sure wish I could remember his name!!! He was awesome! Here he was teaching the girls about butterflies. You could watch them coming out of their cocoons.The underground river was my favorite. It was freezing for the first 5 seconds but after that it was just fine. You just floated through. There were several places for you to get out if you didn’t want to go all the way around.Of course I loved holding the parrots. They liked to be held like babies. How cute are they?? Wish our birds here were that sweet. Tomorrow I’m going to go try to hold a mockingbird like a baby and see what happens.The lagoon was beautiful. It was connected to the ocean so there were even fish in there with you. I’m guessing some of you might not take that as a positive…There were animals everywhere. Tons of birds, ranch animals, zoo animals, marine animals, reptiles…. We didn’t make it over to the sea life section since we had done dolphins and turtles the day before, but they had tons of things to do over there. There’s no way you could see everything in a day.A baby parrot. So ugly it’s cute! We got to see quail hatching. The girls could have stayed at that part all day and been happy.There is something here for everyone. I’d give it 5 stars.In case you missed it….Part I – JamaicaPart II – Grand CaymanToday’s Leopard Find: Bathroom accessories set …

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