The Amazing Secret River Excursion – Cozumel


The third stop on our cruise….Cozumel! This was our second time to visit the port at Cozumel. It’s one of the prettier ports. Although we haven’t gotten to spend any time here yet because we are always rushing to and from the “ferry” (which apparently is another word for really, really fast, motion sickness inducing speed boat) to Playa for our excursions. Last time in case you missed it, we went to Xcaret. We enjoyed it so much we started to do it again but decided to do something new instead. This time we did The Amazing Secret River. Apparently that’s just what Carnival calls it, the people there call it Rio Secreto. Carnival is right though, it’s AMAZING! It was discovered in 2006 by the man who owns the property. He was chasing an iguana and the iguana ran down into a pile of rocks. One of the rocks fell and the man heard the sound of splashing water. This is what he found…..

It was breathtakingly beautiful.

After the “ferry” we took a 15 minute van ride to Rio Secreto. Once there we got a “Mayan Massage” (a.k.a. a 20 minute van ride on a very bumpy road) to the site. They got us suited up in wetsuits, water shoes, life vest and a beautiful helmet with a lamp. We spent an hour and a half walking and swimming through the cave. It’s not an easy trip. Lots of bending, walking on rocks, ducking, etc… Several people in our group had trouble. They do offer walking sticks at the beginning. They should probably strongly encourage that you take one if you have any issues.

You aren’t allowed to take a camera into the caves but they had a photographer follow us. You can buy all of the pictures on a CD for $69.99. Afterwards they fed us the most amazing true Mexican meal I’ve ever had. I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures of that. We also had about 45 minutes of free time to shop in Playa. It was a great day!!

This adorable puppy greeted us at the port. I thought he was a drug dog but no, turns out he was looking for food. There are pretty hefty fines for bringing food into Mexico. He walked up and sniffed everyone. When he found food on people he would sit down beside them. Next time I’ll put a sandwich in my pocket so I can pet the cute little guy.

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