Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

The girls and I made a Thankful Tree for our Thanksgiving centerpiece. All we had to do was hunt for a few branches and find some skinny ribbon. I used my Cricut Doodlecharms cartridge for the leaves. But if you don’t have a Cricut or that particular cartridge, you can use circles, squares, tags, etc…

Taylor only filled out one and it was for her pets.

Megan was thankful for many things, including food. She was also thankful for money. When I asked her whose money she said “yours, because it gives me food”. She also hums when she eats something she likes, so she really likes food. She was elated yesterday as I wheeled her around on the back of the buggy at Costco going from sample station to sample station.

I’m thankful for my wonderful husband who happens to be the best Daddy in the world, for Taylor who is such a sweet and compassionate soul, for Megan who keeps me entertained on a daily basis, and for my numerous family and friends. I hope y’all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today’s Leopard Print Find: Sterling Industries Leopard Jar

Turkey Treat Pot

Last year the girls made these adorable little turkey pots to give away as Thanksgiving gifts. We found it on the Michael’s website. They were really easy to make. Fill them with candy or use them as a place card.

DecoArt Patio Paint – Pinecone Brown
DecoArt Patio Paint - Tuscan Red
3/4″ flat brush
Foam sheets: red, yellow, orange, brown, purple (we did assorted tail colors)
Wiggle eyes
Styrofoam ball
Hot glue gun
3″ terra cotta pot

1. Trace and transfer patterns on foam sheets and cut out shapes with scissors.
2. Paint pot red.
3. Paint Styrofoam ball brown.
4. Push Styrofoam ball down over rim of pot to form head.
5. Position and adhere eyes, beak, waddle, wings, feet, and tail feathers with glue gun.

To use turkey pot for treat container, position plastic or paper cup inside pot before filling with candies, nuts, or other food.
To use turkey pot as name card holder, position one wing up and adhere paper sign with person’s name on wing tip or write name on front of pot.

Today’s Leopard Print Find: Drake Design Leopard Wooden Cross