My #1 Cleaning Discovery


Well it only took me about a year, but I finally figured out a system for keeping my house clean without the luxury of a maid (minus my 2 weeks of book fair that don’t count). I kept trying to focus on a room a day. By the time I got done with all 15 rooms and got back to the room I started with it was a complete mess. So then I tried doing one thing a day…dusting, floors, windows, etc… That was even worse.

So I finally figured it out. Although I still have 3 rooms to get through… I figured out that things were getting dusty really quickly. So completely clean one room from top to bottom each day (or almost every day), then the next day I quickly dust and vacuum that room and move on to the next room. So now each day I very quickly run a cloth over everything using Pledge Multi Surface,┬ámy new favorite product! (and no they didn’t pay me for this) Next I vacuum each room and then deep clean my one room for the day. To dust and vacuum everything only takes me about 30-45 minutes for a 3800 sq ft house. The difference is amazing! No more dust build up or dirty wood floors. Now I know why things got so dusty, this was from one day of vacuuming….


I have 2 Maltese that don’t shed at all, so I have no idea where all of that comes from!

Today’s Leopard Print Find: 2B Love Struck Leo Dress by Bebe