Did You Know You’re Supposed to Clean Your Washer Filter??


I was so excited about getting a front loading washer when I got mine 6 years ago. Then we moved into a corporate apartment many states away and left it behind for 5 months. That’s when I discovered that you really want to let it dry completely before you shut the door. It took me weeks to get rid of the smell.

Next, I discovered all of the problems with the detergent drawer. I had no idea you needed to remove it and clean all around it.

A few days ago my sister added a new discovery. Her maid pointed out that her filter was dirty. Like me, she didn’t even know she had a filter. I’m sure that it was probably somewhere in the instruction manual (the instruction manual that I didn’t read), but I somehow missed that. Apparently you are supposed to clean it every month or so. So when I opened the filter, 6 years worth of nasty smelling water came pouring out all over my floor. So before you attempt this, make sure you have a towel handy. I also found a hair clip and a couple of other things that used to be something.

Today’s Leopard Print Find: Leopard Animal Print Wall Vinyl Circle Stickers Rings Decals (I think I need these to decorate the washer and dryer!)