G.W. Exotic Animal Park


During Spring Break we decided to take a quick trip to Oklahoma to go the G.W. Exotic Animal Park. Of all of the choices we gave the girls, Taylor said this was the only thing she HAD to do. Great choice! She is already asking when we can go again.

It only took us 2 hours from Frisco. The park is located in Wynnewood, Ok. The staff was great. Very knowledgeable and friendly. They are currently working on a reality show. I was worried when we got there and saw the sign that said you could possibly be on tv. Megan was ecstatic, I was thinking why in the heck did I wear my yoga pants.

We chose to do one of the behind the scene tours. It was 2 hours long and gave you all day admission to the park as well.

First stop was the miniature donkey and ponies. We had our picture with the donkey.


Next stop was Chester the kissing camel. I can scratch that off my bucket list now. :/ (if you are wondering they taste kind of salty) He was actually one of my favorites. He has a goat that lives with him. I couldn’t focus on the donkey and ponies because I was watching Chester play with the goat. They were so cute together! Turns out they raised them together and now if they separate them, Chester cries the whole time. :)


We saw a leopard! :)


A black leopard! :)


Held a baby alligator. (Don’t ask me about Megan’s “glasses” because I have no idea)


Played with a pack of hybrid wolves.


Held a python. Taylor wasn’t thrilled with this one but I told her she couldn’t play with the tigers if she chickened out. She survived. (and even managed to smile!) – Speaking of chickens, there was a tiger that is terrified of chickens. That cracked me up.


Played with Irwin the Kangaroo. He likes to watch Sponge Bob and he posts on Facebook in his spare time.


We held an albino skunk. He likes to be held like a baby.


A baby bear!!! He was precious.


For $10 you got to take your pictures with the mascots. The $10 goes towards saving the rhinos.


The white tiger cub.


He was so cute.


The other tiger. Look at that little tiger butt!! So cute!

The photographer followed us around the entire time and took all the pictures since you can’t take your camera. All of the pictures were on a cd for just $24.99. My only complaint is that the pictures weren’t the best. Bad lighting, bad angles, lots of shadows. But for $24.99 it was worth it. We will definitely be back many times I’m sure.

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