Petition to Evict Aaryn from Texas


One of our favorite guilty pleasures every summer is watching Big Brother. This year has been one irritating house guest after another. Did they not screen these people?? Or did they purposely find the worst possible bunch of people they could?? I wasn’t sure which of them was the most annoying until seeing Aaryn’s interview with Julie Chen after she was evicted. Every racist remark she said throughout her time in the house was so shocking she had all of America hating her. That was bad enough but then she acts shocked that she got boo’d by the audience and couldn’t believe we thought she was serious when she said those things. :/ The icing on the cake was that she had the nerve to say that it was only because she’s a Texan and that’s the way we do things here. I’m not from San Angelo but I’m pretty sure they don’t go around insulting everyone under the sun. I thought the stereotype for Texas was southern charm and hospitality with a side of big hair, blingy clothes, cowboy boots and cowboy hats as we ride off into the sunset on our horse. I can’t believe she threw the whole state of Texas under the bus like that. I wish we could evict her from Texas like they did from Big Brother. Bless her stupid little heart.

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