Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan Canopy Tour and Tabyana Beach Excursion


We just got back from our 20 year Anniversary cruise. Sad for it to be over and even sadder that I have Mal de Debarquement Syndrome again! I had never heard of this until I started researching it after my cruise last year. It is a specific type of vertigo that occurs after departing a cruise. Upon returning to land, a person with MDD develops a swaying sensation and dizziness that can last for many days to many years. Luckily last time mine only lasted 3 weeks. Today mine hit when we were halfway home in the Dairy Queen bathroom. Everything started swaying and it hasn’t stopped since. As they say on the Carnival ship…fun, fun, fun!!

The cruise and the ship were both wonderful. We were on the Carnival Magic. First stop…Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan…. The port was really nice. Lots of shopping spots and the usual port bar.

We did the Canopy Tour and Tabyana Beach excursion. It was $89.99 a person. This excursion had a 4.8 star rating. I would totally agree with that. The zip-lining at Gumbalimba Park was awesome! The people were very friendly and helpful. There were a total of 10 zip lines that we got to zip down. There was a photographer there that took 10 pictures of you coming down the final zip line. You were able to purchase them on a disc for just $10. Not a bad deal. Although zip-lining isn’t the most flattering position and the helmet doesn’t help either….

Afterwards, they drove us to Tabyana Beach. The beach was beautiful. There was a gift shop, restaurant, bar, showers, beach chairs and lots and lots of vendors. They had security guards there to help keep the vendors away. The only complaint I have about the excursion is that the vendors wouldn’t leave you alone. The security did the best they could but they were outnumbered. Some of them even came out into the ocean to offer you a massage or braid your hair. They also like to tell you that they don’t have change for anything so come prepared with ones and fives. They did have good deals on jewelry, dresses, shells, hammocks, etc…

The people at the bar took great care of everyone. They would even come out to the water to deliver your drinks. The food was great too. We got a huge plate of beans and rice for $3. It was delicious. I need to work on recreating that one soon.

My favorite vendor….Cookie the Monkey. Only $5 for unlimited pictures. I could have played with him all day. Taylor and Megan aren’t real happy with me though. They didn’t want us to do any excursions that involved animals since they weren’t with us.¬†But since Cookie wasn’t really part of the excursion he doesn’t count.

Coming soon….Belize and Cozumel.
Today’s Leopard Find:¬†Toiletry Travel Bag

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