Chankanaab Day Pass and Discover Mexico Excursion – Cozumel


Of all of the excursions we’ve been on, this one was our least favorite. So disappointing because our two favorite excursions are out of the Cozumel port (Xcaret and The Amazing Secret RIver). Our day started out at Discover Mexico. It started with a short video about Mexico. Not very informational, but pretty pictures. Next was the Museum of Popular Arts. It was filled a wide variety of beautiful artwork. They even had a leopard…


The main part of the park is replicas of pyramids, monuments, cathedrals, ruins, etc… I’m thinking I’d much rather see them in person. :/ But they did have some pretty good souvenirs and the food was great! The girls favorite part…having their picture made with Sophie the donkey. You could also pay to have your picture taken with an iguana or a python. We had to pay $25 for the pictures. They wouldn’t let you use your own camera. I have to say that our tour guide was awesome though!


Not even sure what to say about Chankanaab… :/  There were lots of different things to do but it seemed like nothing was working right for us. It was really windy so we couldn’t enjoy the beach. We got there too late for the sea lion show, nothing else looked that exciting. So we ended up going to the restaurant. The food was great and the view was incredible. Luckily we ended up having just enough cash on hand to pay for it because they didn’t take credit cards.


They had hammocks on the beach. Pretty cool!


You can see how rough the water was…


The girls got to hold a baby alligator.


The lagoon was beautiful! Unfortunately you can only look at it from afar…

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