The Fitbit One


A few months ago I bought a Fitbit One. I’d never heard of them before but when I saw it I knew I had to have it. It’s my favorite gadget ever! (well, next to my iphone and macbook….)

(Click on picture for purchasing info)

It is small, about 2″ long and it clips easily onto your pocket or bra. It tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed. It monitors how long and how well you sleep. It even has a silent alarm to wake you up. You can sync to it through the app or through your computer. You can set goals, monitor your progress and earn badges. You can also add friends to get support or challenge each other in friendly competitions.

In the app (or on your computer) you can monitor what you eat, track your water intake, keep track of your weight and your measurements.

I love it!!!

Today’s Leopard Print Finds:

Leopard Print Nylon Duffel / Workout Bag 19 Inch

Leopard Scentsy Buddy



Storybook Ranch




One of the top things on Taylor’s summer to-do list was to go horseback riding. I know people think that everyone in Texas has a horse, but sadly this isn’t true. We only have the hats and the boots. There aren’t many places around Dallas to go horseback riding these days. Most of the stables just offer lessons. We took them to Storybook Ranch in McKinney. I just love this place. They have the cutest little Western town with real buildings that have been relocated from old towns across the country. You take an hour long ride through the town and through the trails. Besides the horseback riding, they also offer summer camps or riding lessons. You can also rent out the town for weddings, corporate events or parties.

The petting zoo….



Megan’s horse…


Part of the Western town…



The trails…

IMG_0831Today’s Leopard Print Find:

Tahoe Tack Leopard Print Cross Western Horse Barrel Racing Saddle – How awesome is this?? Now I really need to get me a horse!

Leopard Scentsy Buddy


Rainbow Loom Bracelets and Crafts


My girls have had so much fun with their Rainbow Looms this summer. This has to be the best kids craft invention ever! Colorful rubber bands can make different patterned bracelets, rings and even a mini handbag. You can get the kit and extra refill bands at Michael’s. Best $14.99 we’ve ever spent. There are endless projects and patterns online. They got it to make bracelets and rings and now they are using it to make saddles and bridles for the Breyer horse (Taylor’s newest discovery). You don’t want to go horse shopping with Taylor. She wants them all so she has to put a lot of thought into which one to spend her money on. That was the longest shopping trip ever. But her first horse is very happy with all of his colorful rubber band accessories.

Today’s Leopard Print Finds:

Betsey Johnson Crystal Leopard Heart Toggle Bracelet

Leopard Scentsy Plug-In Warmer


Must Have Hair Brushes


Remember Cousin It? Picture him if he didn’t brush his hair for 3 days, that’s what Taylor usually looks like when she wakes up in the morning. It used to be quite an ordeal to tame her hair. To get the tangles out of her hair after she washes it was even worse. My friend suggested The Wet Brush. I was skeptical, but I couldn’t believe how it glided through wet hair. Megan is super, super tender headed so she loves it even more. Bless her heart for going through the first 10 years of her life without one.

Today I found out about The Shine Brush. It detangles AND adds luster to the hair. I love it.


The Shine Brush


The Wet Brush



You can also get The Wet Brush in prints.

You can find them in salons or here on Amazon….

The Wet Brush…

The Shine Brush…

My only complaint is that they don’t have it in leopard.

Today’s Leopard Print FInd: (I decided to make this flip flop week) Leopard Printed Petals-embellished Floral Strap Women Flip-flop – Yellow

Moroccanoil Treatment and Restorative Hair Mask

Yesterday was my birthday so I took a break from cooking, only to find out that my stockpile of blog recipes had been depleted. So instead I thought I’d share this with you…

Moroccanoil -

I’ve tried every professional haircare line under the sun. Nothing compares. So far I’ve only tried the treatment and the mask, but once I use up all of my other products I will be running to the store to get the rest of the line.

Moroccanoil Treatment - Conditioning, styling and finishing product. Speeds drying time.

Intense Hydrating Mask – argan oil–rich formulas deeply hydrate and condition while improving hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

On a side note….for my birthday I got a Hot Pink Cuisinart stick, a George Foreman grill and panini press and a cookbook with 200 panini recipes so I hope y’all like paninis!!!

Today’s Leopard Print Find: Hair Extensions

D’Marie Frappe Vino – Frozen Cocktail Fusion

I have never made a purchase at the State Fair. I purposely avoid those buildings because I don’t want to be roped in. But this year, Taylor asked if we could please, please, please walk through one of the buildings. So we had almost made it all the way through….past the mattresses, the air conditioning units, the wooden swinging chairs, the 1056 different scents of perfume, the carved statues of frogs…. I could see the light at the end of the building!!!! Then this man shoves a slushie in our hands and we kept walking. Then I did a quick u-turn and bought 3 boxes! :/ I couldn’t help myself. It was delicious. D’Marie Frappe  Vino….$30 for 3 boxes of “frozen cocktail fusion”.

It was so easy to make. Pour one bottle of wine (they used Barefoot Sweet Red Wine – so, so did I!) into a gallon sized Ziploc bag, fill the wine bottle with water and pour into the bag, add 1 box of the Frappe Vino, shake well and freeze for 3-5 hours.

Servings: 24 – 4oz glasses

Today’s Leopard Print Find: Bottoms Up Hand Painted Wine Glass

The Cattle Baron’s Ball

So yesterday was the big day…The Cattle Baron’s Ball…no little mice to help get me ready, no fancy dress, no pumpkin carriage….just a 4 Runner and my Prince Charming. And a lot of rain….. :/ I had really looked forward to this. My dream bubble burst as soon as we walked through the dry, perfectly suitable barn to board the second bus of the evening to drop us off at the far edge of the Southfork Ranch pasture. The reason they had to drop us off at the far edge of the pasture is because there was about 6 inches of mud between the “road” and the leaky tent. But I figured once Emerald City started playing my happy bubble would return. But no, that didn’t happen. Instead we made our way to our table. Table #111. We got to the tables…table 94, 104, 47, 24…WTH??? That would have been way to simple to put them in numerical order. When we finally found someone to ask where our table was, she finally found it…it was a row of chairs tucked behind the tables. Apparently when they decided to squeeze everything under the tent half the tables had to be moved. Lucky us!!! So we ate our barbecue in our laps and sat our drinks in the mud cup holders at our feet. After dinner, as I anxiously awaited Emerald City, they started the auction. It lasted until 10:00, then they started the Raffles…and we left! No Emerald City, no Blake Shelton, just a long walk back through the mud and rain. There were a lot of really ticked off people and it was miserable and uncomfortable but it was all for a good cause….the American Cancer Society. Hopefully this didn’t scare away any future donators, like the guy behind us on one bus ride that was beyond mad that he had paid $50k for this again and that this would be the last time. I didn’t get many pictures because there wasn’t much to take pictures of and because my camera was getting wet but here ya go….

The s’mores bar that I never got to visit. It had pink & white marshmallows, white & dark chocolate, sticks for roasting and of course, graham crackers. It was really cute. (and dry, one of the few dry things)

If you look past the s’mores bar you can see the wonderful mud pits. Trust me, they are a lot deeper than they look.

My Luchese boots after we made it to the tent.

Larry Hagman in the white hat (J.R. Ewing) and Josh Henderson (John Ross) from the TV show Dallas. Someone with us got to meet Josh while I had gone to get a drink. That would have been the highlight of my night. Instead the highlight was Deborah Ferguson from NBC news and the lightsaber yielding auctioneer…

He was pretty entertaining though. I wish we could have helped him out by bidding $50k+ on something but Johnny said no. Blake Shelton went for $15k+, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show $75k+, Lunch with the Dallas cast $30k and a Jeep for $65k+ and many, many others.

My Prince Charming (minus his muddy boots). Megan is still upset that I wore the hat. She thought I should have just worn the tiara, so I’m wearing it today.

The Swag Bag….hat, t-shirt, ear buds, koozie, water bottle, sippy cup, bbq sauce, bottle opener, $25 Pappas Bros Steakhouse gift card and a duffle bag.

Hindsight….I should have worn my leopard print rain boots!

Today’s Leopard Print Find: Awesome Rock Star Cowboy Hat with Cross

Kraft Fresh Take Savory Four Cheese Recipe Burgers

They announced the results for the food winners of the State Fair of Texas. I wasn’t excited about any of them this year. Usually there are at least a few that I want to try, like Fried Frito Pie, Fried Peaches and Cream, Fried Banana Split…The Best Taste winner this year was Deep Fried Jambalaya (I don’t do fish) and the Most Creative was Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll (I haven’t jumped on this whole bacon-dessert thing). The only one I might want to try is the Deep-Fried Divine Chocolate Tres Leches Cake because anything with chocolate AND Tres Leches together has to be good. The Deep Fried Mac-N-Cheese Slider sounded interesting until I saw it. So it looks like it’s just a corn dog for me this year. I wondered if they had ever deep fried a cheeseburger. I googled it and I couldn’t find one for Texas but California had one! I had to fry these too because after trying to light the grill for 5 minutes, I finally realized it was out of propane…..

I made another Kraft Fresh Take (Cheddar Jack & Bacon) when they first came out and thought I would try this one for a different burger variety. They are so easy to use when I don’t feel like trying to be creative. This one has breadcrumbs, feta, mozzarella, provolone and parmesan. I had a little seasoning to mine. This was pretty good, but I’m sure it would have been a lot better with propane and a grill.

1 (6 oz pkg) Kraft Fresh Take Cheese & Breadcrumb Mix Savory Four Cheese Recipe
1 lb Ground Beef
1 Tbs Weber Grill Creations Chicago Steak Seasoning
4 Hamburger Buns

Preheat grill.

Put beef in a bowl and had breadcrumbs, cheese and seasoning. Mix together and form into patties. Grill on each side for 6 minutes.

Servings: 4
Calories 471
Fat 15.9g
Carbs 32.3g
Fiber 0.9g

Today’s Leopard Print Find: Sheer Window Curtains

Kraft Fresh Takes Cheddar Jack and Bacon Review

Kroger’s had a special on their chicken if you purchased the new Kraft Fresh Takes, so I decided to try it since this week has been so crazy. (Here’s a coupon for you too) It was really easy. Cleaning and preparing chicken is one of my least favorite things to do. I did find a video on how to prepare chicken breasts. I was hoping it had some new trick I didn’t know about but no such luck. A few weeks ago I bought a new meat tenderizer because the one we had was put in the dishwasher and was leaving black and grey stuff on everything it touched. The new one said “dishwasher safe”. Well guess what??…it did the same thing. So now I’m resorting to anything else…pan, wine bottle, fist (I’m open to any other suggestions). Cover it with parchment paper before attempting to tenderize.
The Fresh Takes was really good. Plus it was super easy and quick.
1 lb chicken
6oz package Kraft Fresh Take Cheddar Jack & Bacon Recipe
Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Tenderize chicken. Place chicken in mixture and place on baking sheet. (I would cover the baking sheet with foil)
Place any leftover mixture on top of chicken
Bake for 30 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 250
Fat: 9
Fiber: 0
Today’s Leopard Find: Mat for kitchen or your bathroom.