Carnival Tiramasu


The 4th and final course of the Carnival Cooking demonstration…Tiramasu. And now that I’m done blogging this cruise, off to plan my next one…..

6 oz Egg Yolks
4 oz Sugar
1/4 quart Heavy Cream
4 oz Mascarpone Cheese
1 oz Marsala Wine
1 oz Grand Marnier
1 pkg Lady Finger Cookies

1-1/2 Tbs Instant Coffee
4 oz Sugar
6 Tbs Kahlua
1/2 cup Water

Whisk heavy cream until it forms soft peak. Refrigerate until ready to use. Cream yolks and sugar until smooth. Add in cream over a double boiler, whisking constantly until coating is the consistency to make a sabayon. Cream the mascarpone cheese until smooth and fold into the sabayon. Gently fold Grand Marnier, Marsala and whipped cream into the sabayon and refrigerate until the mixture sets. For syrup, dissolve instant coffee in hot water. Mix sugar, Kahlua and refrigerate to chill. Soak lady fingers in coffee syrup and arrange in three alternating layers of cookies and sabayon mixture. Serve garnished with cocoa dust (chocolate powder)

The first 3 courses: Mushroom Cappuccino, Spinach & Mushroom Salad, Supreme Broiled Chicken

Servings: 4

Nutrition Facts
Calories 879
Total Fat 41.2g
Saturated Fat 21.8g
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 719mg
Sodium 688mg
Total Carbohydrates 95.6g
Sugars 71.1g
Protein 15.8g
Vitamin A 37%•Vitamin C 1%Calcium 18%•Iron 16%
Nutrition Grade D-

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