The Fitbit One


A few months ago I bought a Fitbit One. I’d never heard of them before but when I saw it I knew I had to have it. It’s my favorite gadget ever! (well, next to my iphone and macbook….)

(Click on picture for purchasing info)

It is small, about 2″ long and it clips easily onto your pocket or bra. It tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed. It monitors how long and how well you sleep. It even has a silent alarm to wake you up. You can sync to it through the app or through your computer. You can set goals, monitor your progress and earn badges. You can also add friends to get support or challenge each other in friendly competitions.

In the app (or on your computer) you can monitor what you eat, track your water intake, keep track of your weight and your measurements.

I love it!!!

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Petition to Evict Aaryn from Texas


One of our favorite guilty pleasures every summer is watching Big Brother. This year has been one irritating house guest after another. Did they not screen these people?? Or did they purposely find the worst possible bunch of people they could?? I wasn’t sure which of them was the most annoying until seeing Aaryn’s interview with Julie Chen after she was evicted. Every racist remark she said throughout her time in the house was so shocking she had all of America hating her. That was bad enough but then she acts shocked that she got boo’d by the audience and couldn’t believe we thought she was serious when she said those things. :/ The icing on the cake was that she had the nerve to say that it was only because she’s a Texan and that’s the way we do things here. I’m not from San Angelo but I’m pretty sure they don’t go around insulting everyone under the sun. I thought the stereotype for Texas was southern charm and hospitality with a side of big hair, blingy clothes, cowboy boots and cowboy hats as we ride off into the sunset on our horse. I can’t believe she threw the whole state of Texas under the bus like that. I wish we could evict her from Texas like they did from Big Brother. Bless her stupid little heart.

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Storybook Ranch




One of the top things on Taylor’s summer to-do list was to go horseback riding. I know people think that everyone in Texas has a horse, but sadly this isn’t true. We only have the hats and the boots. There aren’t many places around Dallas to go horseback riding these days. Most of the stables just offer lessons. We took them to Storybook Ranch in McKinney. I just love this place. They have the cutest little Western town with real buildings that have been relocated from old towns across the country. You take an hour long ride through the town and through the trails. Besides the horseback riding, they also offer summer camps or riding lessons. You can also rent out the town for weddings, corporate events or parties.

The petting zoo….



Megan’s horse…


Part of the Western town…



The trails…

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Rainbow Loom Bracelets and Crafts


My girls have had so much fun with their Rainbow Looms this summer. This has to be the best kids craft invention ever! Colorful rubber bands can make different patterned bracelets, rings and even a mini handbag. You can get the kit and extra refill bands at Michael’s. Best $14.99 we’ve ever spent. There are endless projects and patterns online. They got it to make bracelets and rings and now they are using it to make saddles and bridles for the Breyer horse (Taylor’s newest discovery). You don’t want to go horse shopping with Taylor. She wants them all so she has to put a lot of thought into which one to spend her money on. That was the longest shopping trip ever. But her first horse is very happy with all of his colorful rubber band accessories.

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Fooducate App



Today we made our second trip to the dentist for the week. Yesterday I took Megan in to get 2 stubborn baby teeth pulled. We had a horrible experience because the dentist we HAD gone to for years was apparently having a really bad day. So today we found ourselves at a new dentist with a much better attitude. Dentist offices sure have come a long way since when I was little. Mine was more like a torture chamber. Megan had her pick of movies to watch while they extracted her (now 3) teeth. They had video games, rooms with cute little themes, and a really nice staff. They gave her a little laughing gas and Monsters Inc and she was just fine. If you are in the area, Dr. Ty and his staff at Frisco Dentistry for Kids are awesome.

I’m trying really hard to get the girls to make healthier choices and to take care of themselves without me reminding them. It must be working some because when Megan heard the dental hygenist ask a teenage boy when he had brushed his teeth last and he responded with “yesterday”, her mouth flew open and her eyes got as big as saucers.

To help make better food choices I found the Fooducate app. It’s one of my new favorites. You simply scan the UPC on an item and it gives you a ton of information. If it doesn’t have a UPC you can still search by name. Fast food items are listed as well. My favorite part is that it gives each item you scan a grade from A+ to D-. It will also give you a list of better options. If you are a Weight Watchers person it automatically adds up the point value for you. You can keep track of your weight, exercise, daily calorie intake, water consumption, BMI, etc… For each item it will also give you the pros and cons.


It is very quick and easy to use. If you are shopping for granola bars, simply scan one and hit the “alternatives” button and you can pick the best option on the list. I lost 5 lbs the first 2 weeks of using it. Probably why it is one of my new favorite apps.

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Versatile Chicken


The girls have been sharing our master bathroom for the last 8 years or so. First because they liked our tub better, then because they liked our shower better. This weekend their daddy kicked them out. They’ve been shipped off to their own bathroom. I tired to tell him that was pretty normal these days. It is isn’t it?? It wasn’t an easy transition. There was lots of moping around, followed by “I have to go all the way up there??” It’s a good thing they weren’t born to Aaron Spelling. They’d never survive in that house. I told them I’d pack them a snack, water bottle and flashlight in case they got lost along the way. A few days later it’s actually going pretty well. They’ve stopped complaining and they are actually taking better care of their room. They have even made their beds!

I’m working my way through the poultry section of my Great American Cookbook (adapted slightly). This one is simply called “versatile chicken”. I’m not exactly sure what the “versatile” part means but it was pretty good. I’m leaving the nutritional information off of this one because you don’t use all of the ingredients when you dip the chicken.

4 small Chicken Breasts
3/4 cup Buttermilk
1 Tbs Chicken Broth
1/2 tsp Oregano
1 cup Flour
1 tsp Paprika
1/2 cup Butter, melted

Combine buttermilk, chicken broth and oregano; mix well. Let stand for 10 minutes; stir.

Place chicken in large bowl. Pour buttermilk mixture over chicken until coated. Let it marinate for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a Ziploc bag, combine flour and paprika. Add chicken, 2 pieces at a time and shake to coat.

Place in a 13 x 9 inch baking dish. Drizzle butter over chicken.

Bake uncovered for 1 hour or until golden brown. Mine took about 40 minutes.

Servings: 4

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Chankanaab Day Pass and Discover Mexico Excursion – Cozumel


Of all of the excursions we’ve been on, this one was our least favorite. So disappointing because our two favorite excursions are out of the Cozumel port (Xcaret and The Amazing Secret RIver). Our day started out at Discover Mexico. It started with a short video about Mexico. Not very informational, but pretty pictures. Next was the Museum of Popular Arts. It was filled a wide variety of beautiful artwork. They even had a leopard…


The main part of the park is replicas of pyramids, monuments, cathedrals, ruins, etc… I’m thinking I’d much rather see them in person. :/ But they did have some pretty good souvenirs and the food was great! The girls favorite part…having their picture made with Sophie the donkey. You could also pay to have your picture taken with an iguana or a python. We had to pay $25 for the pictures. They wouldn’t let you use your own camera. I have to say that our tour guide was awesome though!


Not even sure what to say about Chankanaab… :/  There were lots of different things to do but it seemed like nothing was working right for us. It was really windy so we couldn’t enjoy the beach. We got there too late for the sea lion show, nothing else looked that exciting. So we ended up going to the restaurant. The food was great and the view was incredible. Luckily we ended up having just enough cash on hand to pay for it because they didn’t take credit cards.


They had hammocks on the beach. Pretty cool!


You can see how rough the water was…


The girls got to hold a baby alligator.


The lagoon was beautiful! Unfortunately you can only look at it from afar…

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Turtles, Turtles and More Turtles – Grand Cayman


Our second port on our Carnival Magic Cruise was Grand Cayman. The last time we were there we did the turtles and the dolphins. We had so much fun at the Turtle Farm we decided to go again. Apparently everyone in Grand Cayman that day had read my raving review of the turtle farm too. It was so packed we couldn’t even hear our tour guide. The turtles were still adorable though. Once the tour part was over we were able to go off on our own and the crowds seemed much better.


The difference between this excursion and the dolphin/turtle combo was that this one included lunch, you could swim with the turtles and you had access to their water park. Snorkeling with the turtles was Megan’s favorite part of the trip. I had to skip that part because Taylor refused to swim with fish. :/ The food was awful.

The water park…


Megan in the water with the turtles…


The girls favorite part of lunch…watching the chickens. They got a lot of food from us since we didn’t eat much of it.


I didn’t think I was ever going to get Taylor away from the turtle pens.


Snorkeling with the turtles….


Iguanas were everywhere. On the ground, in the trees, on the buildings… This was a baby one.


The bird aviary…


Apparently this has been a problem in the past…


Grand Cayman is a tender port. It was the most miserable tender ever. It was hot, humid, we were surrounded by drunk people, and there was a storm coming in. Those 4 things don’t go well together at all. The water was so rocky, they had trouble docking the tender boats to the ship. So we were stuck on the tender boat in the rocky water with drunk people throwing up all around us. One girl was so intoxicated she had to be brought on in a wheelchair after she collapsed. Fun, fun times!

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Grand Palladium Resort – Montego Bay Jamaica



Our first port on our Carnival Magic cruise was Montego Bay, Jamaica. Last time we just stayed on the ship because most of the excursions were so far away. This time we decided to venture out a little bit. The all-inclusive excursion at the Grand Palladium resort was only a 30 minute bus ride and it seemed pretty safe. The girls said the bus ride was their favorite part because they got to see goats, dogs and a donkey. Just taking a bus ride would have been a lot cheaper. This excursion was $114.99 per adult and $79.99 per child.


The description was a little misleading. It said there were 4 pools – there were, but they were all connected together so it was really just one giant pool. It also said there was a lazy river. There was no lazy river. The swim-up bar was nice but it was way too crowded, so we just took advantage of the much less crowded land bar. The beach was really pretty, but it was so rocky we decided to just stay at the pool. The information on the website also said that they had many water sport rentals available. We never saw any and someone finally told us that it was about a 20 minute walk on the other side of the resort. We also didn’t see any of the other activities that were mentioned (mini golf, archery, tennis, etc…) They did have some fun activities around the pool though. We got to see a belly flop contest. The lunch buffet was traditional Jamaican food on one side or American food on the other side. We weren’t big fans of the food.


This was one of the four jacuzzi’s in the pool….


So to recap, the place was gorgeous. I spoke to a few people while we were eating lunch and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. I probably would have preferred it as an actual place to stay than as a quick pit stop on our cruise.


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Carnival Magic Cruise Round 2

It has been so long since I blogged that I forgot where to go, how to log in and what to do. :/ But  I finally figured it out and I’m back!! I have so many things to share that I didn’t know where to start. I just dropped the girls off for their first real camp. :/ I only cried a little. So they were only slightly embarrassed. Between the two of them they had 2 huge stuffed trunks, a Costco size pack of water bottles, 2 carry ons, a blanket and 10 pieces of “mail”. That was quite an ordeal. Now they are gone for 3 days, so I’m starting with where I’d rather be right now. On a cruise….

After our great cruise on the Carnival Magic for our 20th Anniversary, we decided to take the girls back with us. We had a great time. The girls only complaint….they absolutely hate Camp Carnival. They tried it once before when we were on the Conquest but they were younger so I thought maybe now it would be better. Not so much…. There were kids just waiting by the door praying their parents were about to pick them up. The counselors didn’t seem very fun and the activities weren’t enticing at all. That program needs a lot of work. But they were fine hanging out with us. Most of the time that was okay, minus the girl we saw that decided to hula hoop topless and the 78 year old man that won the Hairy Chest Competition that gave out his room number and said he had his Viagra. :/ On the positive side….

We played miniature golf…


Megan was more than thrilled to have bunk beds…


Our favorite hangout…the RedFrog Pub

IMG_9648 IMG_9652

Shuffleboard… (really need one of these at home)


Movies by the pool…




Met the captain…


Went to towel animal class…


Met a live towel animal…


Walked the Skycourse…

IMG_9796 IMG_9825

Made our way around copying all the poses….


Loved the Family Comedy shows…


Played lots of Skip-Bo…


Got our daily towel animal…


Exercised on the deck…

IMG_0275They weren’t fans of the Future Cruise Q&A…. :)


Laser tag…


and had an awesome waiter…


I’ll recap the excursions for y’all later. Not our favorites, but lots of good learnings.

Oh how I’ve missed these….

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